Most Read on Newsela Last Week

Here are the top three most read articles on from last week:

3. Homelessness up 12 percent in L.A. city and county

A report released Monday paints a disturbing picture of homelessness in Los Angeles. Due to soaring rents, low wages and high rates of unemployment, the homeless population has jumped 12 percent in the last two years.


Did you assign this article to your students? How would they answer these discussion questions?

  • Why did the author include an infographic in this article?
  • What are some of the challenges Mayor Garcetti faces in his mission?

2. Native schools long been crumbling, but now Washington is noticing

With leaky roofs and thin walls, schools for Native American children are in desperate need of repair. The Obama administration is hoping to allocate more funds to help improve education for Native American students.


Ask your students to consider this topical issue with the following questions:

  • If there was a follow-up article to this one, what do you think it would be about?
  • Why do you think the author chose to write about this issue right now?

1. These 4 chemicals may pose the most risk for nail salon workers

An investigation into nail salons in New York City uncovered the unfair treatment of salon workers. This article from Scientific American looks into the dangerous chemicals that manicurists must work with every day.


Here are a couple questions to get your students thinking critically about this article:

  • After reading this article, how would you respond to someone saying, “Time to go get my nails done!”?
  • Based on the findings in the article, how do you think this will affect the future of nail salons and their safety standards?

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