Most Read on Newsela Last Week

Here are the top three most read articles on from last week:

3. The art of the selfie is a big draw at many museums

Smile and say “selfieee!” There’s a cultural shift under way at many museums as they try to attract a social media-savvy generation.


What did your students have to say about this article? Fuel the conversation with these questions:

  • Do you think these changes are a good idea? Who would be most excited about them, and who would be most opposed?
  • What did you find most surprising about this article?

2. Pop culture’s K-wave sparks rise in Korean language college courses

South Korean pop music, or K-wave, now enjoys a global audience. On many U.S. college campuses, that interest has led to record enrollment in Korean language classes.


Here are a couple discussion questions you can ask your students:

  • Why did the author include detailed numbers on Korean language students, as well as the number of colleges that teach Korean?
  • What do you think the popularity of K-wave means for other genres of world music?

1. Are students struggling to read because they can’t see?

Our mission at Newsela is to unlock the written word for everyone. This article exploring the link between vision and literacy through new research is of particular interest to us – and apparently readers agreed.


Were the findings surprising to your students? Try asking them the following questions:

  • What are some challenges the researchers faced in conducting this study?
  • How could the results of the study aid students learning to read?

Did your class raise any other interesting points? We’d love to hear them. Tweet us at @Newsela with your insights.