Students Vote 2016: A Response From Fifth Grade

As a student, it’s important to keep up with major discoveries and world news. Recently, a ton has been happening in politics in the U.S. because we are in a presidential election year. The great thing is, Newsela covers it all so we can read and understand what is happening!

Newsela has amazing articles about politics. One of my class’ stations in reading is the Newsela station. Our teacher, Mrs. Ruane, recently recommended that we read articles from the Vote 2016 Text Set with partners.

When I partner up, discussing the political situations we read together help not just my quiz scores, but also how I think about politics. Recently, Hillary Clinton won the Nevada Democratic caucus and Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican primary.

In class, I partnered up with my friend, Nikita. She and I discussed who we thought was going to win the Democratic race and the Republican race. Personally, I think Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going to make it to the presidential election in November. As we read and talked, we noticed the ways Trump and Clinton slowly worked their way to their recent victories. We are really excited to see the turnout of the 2016 presidential race and, without the Newsela articles, I don’t think I would even understand what was going on.

As you can see, the election is really important because whoever will lead our country will affect our lives immensely. It’s important to pick the right candidate. I encourage students all over to discuss and think about the election, because sooner or later you will be officially voting, too. Two ways you can start now is to read about the election and politics on Newsela, and vote in the Students Vote 2016 program on Newsela!

Emelin is a fifth-grade student in Victoria Ruane’s classroom.