Advisory: Nice Terror Attack Coverage

To our valued educators,

Please be advised that we will be covering last week’s attack in Nice in today’s edition of Newsela, with possible follow-up stories as more information becomes available. Although it is summer and you may not have a classroom full of students tomorrow morning, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The story will not appear in Newsela Elementary.
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  2. If your students do not use Newsela Elementary but you would still prefer the article to be hidden, you can use the Hide function in the top-right corner of the article.
  3. Be ready to talk to your students about the news. While you may not hear your students talking about it, it’s still likely they’ve been exposed to the news already, especially if they’re in middle or high school. We’ve put together some resources to help you talk to students about difficult breaking news topics, including this blog post.

Last Thursday’s attack is the latest in a seemingly endless series of tragic events over the last few months, and was France’s second major attack in less than a year. This time, innocent people were gathering to celebrate Bastille Day with their fellow French citizens and visitors from around the world. What was meant to be a night of festivity quickly turned into chaos when the suspect drove a truck through a crowd, killing more than 80 people. The whole world mourns with these victims and their families.

Due to the nature of this event, the article we publish may be too upsetting for some students and some classes. As I mentioned after Orlando and after the previous attacks in France, Newsela levels articles on these tragic events so that, should you choose to discuss these events in class, your students have access to the information they need in a language they understand.

Only you know what is appropriate for your students and classes. We continue to be in awe of the wonderful work our teachers do to create future leaders who are informed, thoughtful and kind. There are days when the news can seem painfully dark, but when we at Newsela look at our students, we’re reminded that the future is bright. Thank you.

Your colleague,


Matt Gross