Students Vote 2016 National Results


For the past two weeks, students across the country – and around the world – had an unprecedented opportunity to make their voices heard with Newsela’s Students Vote 2016. The polls have closed and the ballots have been tallied, and we’re ready to reveal the results.

Hillary Clinton won decisively, with 57% of students for Clinton vs. 32% for Donald Trump. Clinton won most swing states, but Trump maintained his hold on Ohio. Among our student voters, Clinton took some Republican strongholds such as Texas, Georgia, and even South Carolina. And while younger students overwhelmingly chose Clinton, it was a much closer race for high school students.

Here are a few highlights from Students Vote 2016:

  • Over 1 million students read at least 1 election-related article this year. This one was viewed the most.
  • Nearly 400,000 students cast their ballots on Newsela. The cities with the most votes were Chicago, IL; Portland, OR; and San Jose, CA.
  • Over 16,000 schools in all 50 states participated in Students Vote 2016.

If your class voted, you can view how they voted here, and compare their votes to the national results.

See full results on how the next generation voted below.


Results: National and International

Results: State by State