Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Newsela

In recognition of Native American Heritage Month, we’ve compiled a number of articles focused on American Indian, Native Alaskan and Native Hawaiian communities, history, and culture. Native Americans live in all 50 states, speak several hundred languages, and represent around 1 percent of the total U.S. population today.

From environmental justice and energy policy to debates about economic development, and from the reservations of North Dakota to the centers of our largest cities, Native Americans are at the forefront of many contemporary issues. At Newsela, we encourage students and teachers to discuss and engage with these issues, and we’re excited to celebrate the cultural, linguistic, and geographic diversity of these communities and their contributions to our society.

Above: The regions displayed in the map correspond to the way historians tend to classify American Indian tribes and their locations prior to colonization. Though these borders are not exact, they represent how geography is deeply connected to indigenous cultures. We’ve also included Native Hawaiian and Native Alaskan communities. Although they do not self-identify as American Indians, we want to include all communities with indigenous roots in the present-day U.S.