Life At Newsela: Elizabeth DiRenzo, Product Manager

Elizabeth joined Newsela in 2018 after six years of classroom teaching and experience bringing science products to market. As a Product Manager of Content, she collaborates across teams to create and launch products like Newsela’s Collections, which are bundles of curated content that support instruction of core and special subjects.

A Month of Milestones

Earlier this month, Newsela hit publish on its 10,000th article. Just six years ago, we were birthed into cyberspace with 100 painstakingly curated, leveled articles. Since then, over 1.8 million teachers and 20 million students have turned to Newsela as a trusted source for captivating content across ELA, social studies and science that's accessible, safe, personalized, and lights the fire of learning.

In Case You Missed It: Top Takeaways from NCSS 2018

The Newsela Team was excited to attend the National Council for Social Studies annual convention in Chicago, where social studies educators came together to learn from keynote speakers and teacher leaders from across the country. Here are the top takeaways from Community Team members Ted, Megan, JJ, and Lauren!

8 Steps to Ensure a Successful Technology Pilot

When it comes to implementing new educational technology (edtech), there are a variety of reasons schools start with a pilot. A district may want to see evidence of student and teacher engagement before committing to a license, or a pilot might be the best option to pursue innovation amid budget restrictions, allowing teachers to start using a technology before funding becomes available for full adoption.

In Case You Missed It: 5 Incredible Learnings from NCTE

NCTE’s 2018 conference, centering around student voice, brought together English educators from across the country for four inspiring days of sessions and speakers. Emily, Heather, and Leigh on the Community Team attended key notes and numerous sessions. We asked them them to tell us about important takeaways from the conference…

What You Won't See in Classroom Observations

When it comes to classroom observations, your role as a school leader can resemble that of a field researcher. You take detailed, objective notes. You observe everything around you, from the objects in the classroom to the behavior of teachers and students. You analyze your findings and draw conclusions using a rigorous, pre-established framework.