Power Words on Newsela: Vocabulary Enrichment for Every Learner

Power Words on Newsela: Vocabulary Enrichment for Every Learner

From an early age, words help define and shape our world. Language is varied and nuanced - so why should vocabulary instruction be stifled by the same old word lists?

The answer is simple: It shouldn’t! Enter Power Words on Newsela.

More than 700 Newsela articles now contain Power Words: a more authentic way for your students to learn vocabulary. Use Power Words in tandem with Newsela PRO for a holistic approach to engaging, cross-curricular literacy instruction, accessible to every type of learner.

Each Power Words article contains 3 to 5 high-frequency words with student-friendly definitions in context, consistent with their own reading level, so learners can discover vocabulary words while reading about the topics that interest them most.

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After reading, any student whose school has a Power Words license can practice the words they’ve learned. To help students build an understanding of word meaning, we’ve included low-stakes Power Words activities with each article. Students love racking up points for successfully completed activities.

Once students finish the activities, Newsela adds the words to each student’s individual Word Wall, where they can return for later review and practice (and show off how many words they’ve collected).


Each student has a personalized queue of recommended Power Words articles on their homepage and on their Word Wall. The recommendations are based on previous words they have encountered, which helps increase the chance of repeated exposure. And your PRO Binder ensures you can stay on top of students’ vocabulary progress in the “Power Words” tab.

As an educator, you often have to bridge the gap between core curriculum and the wide world outside your classroom doors. When students learn with Power Words, they get the unique opportunity to discover vocabulary in the real-world context of Newsela articles. The result is more engaged readers who are eager to level up and learn more.

“Power Words has emPOWERED my students. They love sharing how many new words they have mastered. I give them a ‘group’ point if they can locate their Power Word in alternative texts!”
Elizabeth M., Elementary teacher

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