App Smashing with Newsela

App Smashing with Newsela

Newsela Certified Educator Elizabeth Levin shares the different extensions of Newsela in a digital classroom landscape.

Newsela provides teachers with high-quality articles that ignite students’ curiosity and help them build their background knowledge.

Newsela’s Instructional Content Platform promotes reading engagement and learning in every subject area. A growing number of schools are moving towards Ditch That Textbook (Matt Miller) and are using digital programs like Newsela to enrich their curriculum.

Many articles present a great platform for discussions or debates and Newsela Pro provides teachers with customized activities that allow students to build upon their knowledge and make meaningful connections.

Students should feel empowered to voice their opinions. Giving students the opportunity to express themselves in the classroom can be one of the most powerful tools a teacher can use to amplify student learning.
App Smashing with Newsela can provide students with creative and inspired ways to showcase their learning and allow teachers to assess their understanding and skills in different ways. Besides the great activities that Newsela provides following are some technology tools that improve learning and can easily be integrated with Newsela articles.

Here a few examples:


Padlet is both a website and a Chrome Extension where you can gather student reflections, reactions, answers or any type of information that will help guide your teaching.


Flipgrid is a video response platform featuring grids and topics. Students can view their classmates’ videos, give a response or post a self-reflection.


ThingLink's image interaction technology helps students become fluent in using digital media to express themselves and demonstrate their learning.


BrainPOP and Newsela a great combination worth exploring.


Another tool that students like is taking Booksnaps or in this case Newselasnaps. Students take pictures of an important/favorite part of an article and add text bubbles, shapes( arrows, callouts) and bitmojis to justify their thinking.


With Google Draw you can create customized graphic organizers that allow students to record salient or interesting information gathered from articles. Designing instructions with these tools will provide students with the opportunity to showcase their thinking, demonstrate their learning and communicate and collaborate with others.


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