Take charge of your curriculum

Think fast: Who’s in charge of your curriculum?

Ideally the answer would be clear. But in reality it often involves state policy stakeholders, academic consultants, the CIO, the reading coaches, the procurement team, and others. In short, it would seem that everyone is in charge of curriculum.

Additionally, as the number of adoption states dwindles and content decentralizes, districts are faced with a new set of questions — and implications — for curriculum. But within this maze lies an exciting opportunity: to be the arbiter of your own instruction, in a way that suits the unique needs of your school community.

In the past, some of your needs may have been overlooked because you’ve been forced to use content that’s stale, incomplete, or otherwise lacking. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Just think: what if instructional content bolstered districts’ academic priorities, starting with questions like “What are your students’ needs?” What if the process started with your district’s goals and calendar, and filled in the content from there? What if you could build your curricular vision into a platform teachers already know and trust?

These questions led us to create Newsela Custom Collections. With Custom Collections, we want to flip to script on curriculum adoption and work with a group of visionary districts to build their scope and sequence onto Newsela.

Here’s how it will work. We’ll select a group of districts to be our Fall 2018 early access participants. We’ll have a conversation with your curriculum staff about your needs. We’ll listen. We’ll learn. Then we’ll do what we do best: get the best and most engaging content out there – content that will actually matter to your unique students and teachers – and organize it to align to your scope and sequence and instructional frameworks. Then we will put it all on Newsela, so your teachers know that all the resources are differentiated and won’t ever feel stale. It’s a platform your teachers already know how to use, and more importantly, it’s a platform they feel really good about using.

To see what this process could look like for your district, visit this page and fill out the form at “Go Custom”. A member of our team will get in touch to start a conversation and see if being one of our Fall 2018 early access participants is a good fit for your district.

As you look forward to the next school year, think back to the question of “Who’s in charge?” With Newsela Custom Collections,the answer is clear: you are.